Tips for Weightlifting Beginners

Weight Lifting pic

Weight Lifting

Jason’s favorite things to do is lift weights.

For those who would like to get into strength training or lifting weights, here are few tips to consider. If you are new to the gym scene, one of the things to keep in mind is to show consideration to others. This can come in many forms, such as: not resting too long on a machine that another person is waiting to use; making sure to return all the dumbbells and barbells used as well as rerack all the weights; and bringing a towel to wipe off the equipment you use.

It’s always good to watch out for the extremes. We shouldn’t use too much weight too soon. Begin at what is lower than your capacity and gradually work up. At the other end, you may not be using enough weight. Being able to do 30 repetitions at a certain weight would likely mean it is time to increase the weight somewhat.