Climbing Longs Peak by the Keyhole Route

Longs Peak in Colorado Image:

Longs Peak in Colorado

Jason enjoys staying active playing kickball and mountain climbing.

Jason Korb is especially fond of Longs Peak in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park. At nearly 14,300 feet, Longs Peak is the tallest summit in the park. The mountain is especially notable for its unique Keyhole Route, a challenging path that includes a number of vertical rock faces and narrow ledges.

Though the popularity of the Keyhole Route swells during the summer months, the mountain’s elevation means that most climbing is done under wintry conditions. Even climbers who set off on a warm day may suddenly find themselves grappling with dropping temperatures and fast-falling snow. The altitude can also have debilitating physical and cognitive effects. Any climber with questions about Longs Peak or the mountain’s current conditions should visit the National Park Service website at