Vegan Pitfalls at the Supermarket

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Even when shopping at a health foods market, there are hidden pitfalls for those wanting to maintain a vegan diet. For instance, a wide range of sauces, gummy bears, and even nutritional supplements, feature meat-based gelatin. There are a number of vegetable substitutes available, and it may not be obvious whether animal- or vegetable-based gelatin is used in a product, so take time to read labels.

Another area in which animal products lurk is canned soups, with even vegetarian-sounding varieties liable to include a chicken or beef stock. At its base, the Japanese soup miso has a dashi broth that includes tuna-derived bonito flakes. Sugar is another problem area, with sugar frequently made through a charred-bone filtration process. The key is to look for sugar that is labeled “unbleached” or vegan.